Nicola fae New Cumnock / Different Class



I Love NC/DC

Nicola Murdoch (Murray) was born and bred in New Cumnock and although she now lives and works in Colombia, South America, her wee village is never far away.

Recently she has been ‘buzzing’ about Glenafton’s success on the pitch and repeatedly stated that she would be home to watch them lift the Scottish Cup.

A few weeks ago she sent a message home with an attachment confirming a weekend round trip for the final with the message,

“G0t the weekend off, the Glens are having a party”.

It does not come as a great surprise to her family as she has been a loyal supporter/follower of the Glens since her youth. Her husband, Scott, who is a Cumnock boy will not be joining her for the journey and Nicola is quoted as stating, “he’s got the longest scarf in Ayrshire, he supports who ever’s winning”.

Nicola has been living and working abroad for many years as a Primary Teacher. Initially working in Shanghai, China then recently moving to Bogota, Colombia.

She has taken her wee village with her on all her travels through the years and there cannot be many people the world over who do not know about our wee village which she refers to as NC/DC- ‘New Cumnock Different Class’.

NicolaMurrayFor her 30th birthday recently her friends in Bogota pulled together an amazing surprise with a Glenafton themed party where local businesses including the Glen’s Bar made guest appearances and Nicola taught them her favourite Glens’ songs.

The marathon trip to watch her beloved Glenafton is one which her friends (all over the world) and family will talk about for many years to come.

Good Luck Glenafton and safe travels Nicola ‘Nickthechick’ Murdoch ( NC/DC).

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